Get Endorsements to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile


There are lots of things you can do to maximize the impact of your LinkedIn profile – fill out the profile completely, use a great looking picture, come up with an attention-grabbing headline. But one strategy that often gets overlooked is picking up endorsements.

Endorsements are confirmations from people in your network that you posses specific skills. These are a great way to enhance your profile because they verify all the credentials you’ve claimed elsewhere. It’s one thing to identify yourself as great, it’s something better when an outsider identifies it.

It’s important to remember, however, that too many endorsements can actually be a bad thing. You want to cast yourself in a positive light but you don’t want to claim that you’re Superman. This raises red flags and calls all your credentials into question. Keeping that in mind, we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks that you can use to start picking up endorsements.

Restructure Your Profile

LinkedIn makes it very easy to move around the various sections of your profile. The endorsements section shows up towards the bottom as a default, meaning that if you have a lengthy profile, it might get overlooked entirely. Move it closer to the top and people you know who visit your page will be more likely to extend an endorsement.

Consolidate Your Skills

Users can pick between a huge list of endorsable skills, but just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean it’s good for your career. Try to weed out the endorsements that don’t really matter, and consolidate the others into overarching categories. That way you have the largest number of endorsements pointing to the skills that employers are actually looking for.

Turn to Your Connections

The only people that can endorse you are your first-degree connections. Send messages out to anyone that knows you well asking them to endorse you in specific categories. If you are not connected to someone who knows your skills/experiences well, get them into your network and ask them for an endorsement.

Give as Much as You Get

Endorsements are a two-way street. You can’t expect anyone in your network to endorse you if you’re not willing to return the favor. Always be willing to extend an endorsement, and be proactive about the process. Giving an endorsement is usually the quickest and easiest way to get one back.

With a minimum amount of time and effort, you can turn a good LinkedIn profile into a great one. Learn more about leveraging the power of this professional social network by working with the team at JH Technical Services, one of the top staffing agencies in Pittsburgh.

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