The Importance of Experience with a Staffing Agency


There are lots of criteria you can use to evaluate a staffing agency – size, cost, reputation, specialization. But the one that many companies fail to consider may also be the most important – experience. Here’s why:

Experienced Staffing Agencies Have Deeper and More Varied Connections

Ultimately, you are turning to a staffing agency because you need assistance developing your workforce. Experienced staffing agencies that have been in business for 15 years or more typically have larger candidate pools in place already, a more varied group of talent to offer, and the industry connections to go out and fill gaps in that candidate pool to meet a client’s specific needs. Common sense suggests that that kind of adaptability can only truly come with time and experience.

Experienced Staffing Agencies Have Weathered Employment Trends

The job market changes a lot faster than most people realize. The skills and professions that are in demand this year might be irrelevant five years down the road. The industries that are hiring profusely now could be instituting layoffs a decade from now. Experienced staffing agencies have seen how quickly and drastically these changes can happen and learned to adapt along with them. That makes them better able to respond to a client’s changing needs and recruit with an eye on the future.

Experienced Staffing Agencies Have More Clients

Imagine that you developed a partnership with a small startup staffing company, and they became your primary source of recruits. But then that staffing company lost one of their few clients and was suddenly forced to close their doors. You might find yourself scrambling to find a new partner and struggling to fill gaps in your workforce in the meantime. Experienced, more deeply-established staffing agencies are simply more stable, meaning that you can confidently form long-term partnerships knowing that they will be there when you need them.

Experienced Staffing Agencies are Better-Equipped to Serve

Staffing can be an unpredictable enterprise, and you never know what a client is going to need. Experienced staffing agencies have grown used to unexpected requests, urgent responses, and providing the kind of flexibility that constitutes true client service. Less-experienced staffing agencies often freeze when asked to provide something different.

You likely value experience in every other business you evaluate, so make it a priority for your staffing agency, too. JH Staffing Services has operated continuously since 1996, and in that time we have worked with a lot of clients and located a lot of top recruits. Contact our office to learn more about how you can benefit from our wealth of staffing experience.

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