What Makes an Organization Stick Out in an Interview?


Most of the information on effective interviewing practices is directed toward the job seeker. But the simple fact is that the top talent is often weighing multiple offers, and when a candidate has that many choices, it’s up to the recruiter to put their best face forward in the interview room. Follow these tips to make your company stick out.

Select the Right Interviewer

If you are highly motivated to attract a top candidate, you might want to involve non-traditional recruiters in the interview process. For instance, you might impress a candidate by involving a top executive in the interview. Conversely, you can give the candidate a flavor of the working environment by bringing in a direct coworker, a subordinate, or an immediate superior. Also, evaluate the skills of your normal recruiters, and go with the one that best conveys the impression you hope to deliver.

Select the Right Setting

You won’t impress anyone by conducting your interview in a drab, windowless room. Think about holding the interview in a conference room with a nice view, in an executive office space, or even at a restaurant over a meal. You can also use the interview time to offer a tour of your facility and show off some of the more impressive features and amenities.

Highlight Your Company Culture

If you have already made the decision to hire a recruit, they are likely aware of it, too. That means you are being interviewed as much as they are. Use the opportunity to describe your company culture, and try to base your description around your knowledge of the candidate. For instance, if you know that they prefer a laid back work environment, highlight informal company events, or your linear management structure. If they seem particularly ambitious, mention that you have a long history of promoting from within.

Use the Right Language

Avoid the instinct to disparage competitors that you suspect may also be courting the candidate. Your interview time is limited, and you should use the opportunity to highlight why it would be great to work for your company, not miserable to work for someone else’s. You should also take every opportunity to bring up your innovative use of technology, your flexible work arrangements, your ambitious plans for the future, and your recent success and awards. In the same way that interviewers respond to certain buzzwords and platitudes, candidates do as well.

The final thing to consider is that you should avoid seeming pandering. If you are sure that you are prepared to hire this person, project an air of confidence, not one of pleading. If your company really is the best fit for their skills and experience, the candidate will pick up on it without you having to beg. Find more resources to help you attract and secure top talent by working with JH Staffing Services.

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