Five Benefits of Working With a Recruiter


If you are looking for a job, you don’t have to navigate the process alone. In fact, you can expedite your job search by enlisting the services of a recruiter. Learn about the benefits of working with a job-placement professional, and decide if personalized assistance might be the shot in the arm your job search needs.

Enter a Smaller Candidate Pool

When you apply for a position that you see on a job board, your resume could be one in a stack of hundreds. But when you rely on a recruiter to match your skills and experience with the needs of eager employers, you enter into a much smaller candidate pool. This improves your chances of getting a job while reducing the time and energy you spend on your job search.

Learn Long-Term Skills

Recruiters don’t just match you up with vacancies. They also provide focused and personalized counseling to help you find better jobs, craft attention-grabbing resumes, dazzle employers during interviews, and position yourself for promotions. These long-term skills will benefit you throughout your career and guide you even when your relationship with the recruiter is over.

Gain an Advocate

Recruiters often have relationships with the companies where they place employees. This means they know the kind of candidate the employer is looking for, know how the recruitment process works, and have a relationship with the key decision makers. When you apply for a position, your recruiter serves as your advocate and provides you with an invaluable advantage.

Find More Vacancies

For a variety of reasons, companies that are looking for new staff don’t post the vacancy publicly. You might be the perfect candidate, but if you don’t even know about the opportunity, there is no way for you to seize it. Recruiters have access to pools of unpublished vacancies that you will not hear about anywhere else.

Conduct Your Job Search Discreetly

If you are currently employed but looking for a new job, there can be consequences if your employer learns about your intentions. This makes it difficult to take advantage of new tools that let you post resumes and profiles to job search websites. When you work with a recruiter, you can conduct your job search discreetly without sacrificing any opportunities. Plus, when you have a partner in your job search, it is easier to manage the demands of a full-time job and the stresses of the recruitment process simultaneously.

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