What Separates a GOOD Candidate From a GREAT Candidate?


Recruiters don’t get the respect they deserve. When you have to sift through a stack of 200 resumes, interview 25 people, select the smartest, hardest-working and most friendly candidate in the bunch and do all of this under a deadline and within a budget, you have a heavy responsibility on your shoulders. Given the pressure you are under and the limitations of the tools at your disposal, it can seem impossible to make the right choice. Luckily, there are certain characteristics that separate a good candidate from a great candidate. Look for these qualities, and you can expedite the recruitment process and feel more confident about your final decision.

Candidates With a Measurable Record of Success

Employment documents are filled with complimentary language but often lack specifics and metrics. It is easy for a candidate to talk themselves up but much harder for them to prove they have had a positive impact at their past jobs. Look for candidates that provide hard numbers to back up their accomplishments, are prepared to provide documents backing up their claims, and don’t resort to vague terms to prove their aptitude.

Candidates That Fit Well With Your Company Culture

Competency is not the only or even the primary variable to consider when vetting a recruit. It is important to look for candidates that fit well with your company culture because if they don’t they will clash with co-workers, compromise your long-term goals, and look for new jobs sooner. Do what it takes to clearly define your company culture, and then use the job interview to determine if the candidate in front of you reflects it or clashes with it.

Candidates That Can be Flexible

Great candidates are flexible enough that they can adapt when projects change, co-workers change, work spaces change, or technologies change. If you are looking for someone that will stay with your company over the long term, they have to be able to evolve as your company evolves. Look for recruits who have shown the initiative to pick up new skills, pursue new opportunities, take on new responsibilities, and respond gracefully to circumstances that are beyond their control.

Candidates That Come Prepared

You can tell a lot about a person by how they show up for a job interview. Look for candidates that are dressed appropriately, that seem confident and excited rather than cagey and nervous, and that have smart answers prepared but not scripted. The most important criteria to look for, however, is familiarity with your company. A candidate that clearly knows the history of your company, the challenges and opportunities you are facing, and the role they can play to meet the unique needs of your organization is ready to make a difference starting on day one.

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