How To Write a Great Job Description to Attract Top Talent


There are lots of strategies you can use to attract top talent. But if you neglect to write a strategically worded job description, all your efforts will be wasted. The most appealing candidates want to know that your offer is the best offer out there. If the language of your job description does not explain why, they will likely look elsewhere without ever giving you serious consideration. Use these strategies to create job descriptions that jump off the page when the best and brightest read them.

Use a Specific Job Title

This is a common mistake in job descriptions. Recruiters want to cast a wide net, so they avoid specificity, especially when giving a title to the position being filled. The best candidates will not accept this kind of uncertainty. They want to know from the headline exactly what kind of offer they are considering. Avoid terms like “Supervisor” or “Project Manager” in favor of something more specific.

Don’t Waste Time on the Obvious

There is a reason that top talent is at the top – they understand that being a hard worker, strong communicator and team player is essential in any professional setting. Don’t waste space in your job description listing qualifications it’s obvious all candidates should have.  Focus, instead, on the skills and experiences that define the truly exceptional candidates.

Reveal Your Company Culture

Since top candidates receive generous salary/benefits offers wherever they go, they are looking for more from their new employer. They want to know that the company they work for shares their values, goals, and vision for the future. Determine exactly what makes your company exceptional and unique, and find ways to highlight that in your job description. If a candidate likes what you stand for, they will automatically be more attracted to your offer

Focus on Outcomes

Most job descriptions list the necessary skills/experience, but not the outcomes they are intended to produce. Take a different track, and make a large portion of your job description about what success in this position looks like. This forward-looking approach gives candidates a more honest representation of the position and the role it will play in the future of the company. That frames the position as a challenge while demonstrating to top talent how integral their role will be.

Another strategy is to work with a recruiter that already has a relationship with exceptional professionals and can deliver them right to your door as soon as the need arises. That way, you can focus less on seeking them out and more on inviting them in. Work with the staffing experts at JH Technical Services to find the talent you require.

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