4 Ways to Go from Temp To Hire


The best and worst thing about contract jobs is the same – they’re temporary. Some people like being able to work for many companies and accept different responsibilities. But others take a contract position as a way to get their foot in the door and dread the day the contract is up. If you’re looking to turn a temporary position into something permanent, try these four strategies:

Learn the Company

It’s understandable that contract employees would spend less time learning everything they can about the company they work for. Show your interest by researching the history of the company, learning about the issues it faces, who their major competitors are, and what the challenges/opportunities for the future will be. This is the behavior of a permanent employee, and it will help you to make a more meaningful contribution while you are in the office.

Assimilate the Culture

Every office has its own unique culture – laid back, innovation oriented, conservative, etc. Do your best to define the culture in your office, and then try to fit into it as best you can. Try to adopt the style of dress, communication, engagement and other office norms. If you can demonstrate to superiors and co-workers that you are a natural fit for the office, you are much more likely to be offered a permanent position.

Be Flexible and Driven

As a temporary worker, you likely have a limited set of responsibilities. Be open to taking on new ones, and flexible when asked to adapt to changing circumstances. If you prove yourself to be an employee that is capable of more, and that can rise to any occasion, it is less of a leap for your employer to imagine giving you a full-time job.

Take on a Team Mentality

It might sound obvious, but if you position yourself as a member of the team, your employer will have a harder time imagining the team without you. Get to know your co-workers, offer to help out with special projects, form relationships, and open yourself up to the people around you.

One final strategy to consider is to work with the staffing company that set you up with the temporary position. They likely have a close relationship with the employer, and they can effectively communicate your interest and advocate for your abilities. Using a staffing company as an intermediary also helps you avoid awkwardly pestering your boss about a permanent position. Partner with a firm like JH Technical Services, and get the help you need to take control of your career.

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