The New Year is Here! How to Get Your Team Ready for 2015


Happy New Year from all of us here at JH Technical Services! Now that the holidays are over and your team is back to work, it’s time to start thinking strategically about the coming year. The plans you make now, and the steps you take in the first month of 2015, can have a major positive or negative impact on the whole year that follows. Use the strategies below to help you get more out of your team than you ever have before.

Identify and Communicate Organizational Objectives

What are your overall business objectives for 2015, and what kind of effect will those objectives have on your team? It’s important that you identify and communicate these objectives as soon as possible. The more your team feels personally invested in your organizational objectives, the harder they will work starting at the beginning of 2015 and carrying throughout the year.

Schedule Professional Development Opportunities

What kind of conferences and events directly relate to the work that your team does, and when are they taking place? Identifying professional development opportunities like these early in the year, and making provisions for your team to attend, ensures that you don’t miss out on any tool for improving performance. Plus, letting your team know that they will get to spend some time out of the office serves as a powerful motivator.

Set Deadlines For Progress and Completion

When would you like to get things done, when is it realistic to get things done, and when is it too late? Identifying deadlines that are both ambitious and attainable helps to keep your team on schedule and focus their efforts. Plus, it serves as a helpful forecast or road map of the team’s objectives throughout the coming year.

Create a Budget for All Team Activities

What kind of budget are you prepared to offer your team for things like birthday parties, team-building retreats, travel, and discretionary spending? Come up with a number that is both generous and fiscally responsible, and then let your team know how much they have to work with. Giving them some or all of the control over how this money is spent is another motivational tool and a clear sign that you respect your team’s judgment.

Review Your Staff for Strengths and Weakness

Is your team makeup exactly where it needs to be? There might be gaps or inadequacies holding back team performance, or strengths that you are not utilizing. Use the start of the new year to review each member of the team, and use the information you collect to re-calibrate your workforce accordingly.

These are the strategies you need to succeed in 2015. Now find the resources you need by contacting JH Technical Services.

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