Use Social Media and Mobile to Find Your Next Job


If you’re not using social media and mobile technologies to find your next job, you are missing out on a lot of exciting opportunities. Kick start your search by using these strategies:

Clean Up Your Profiles

Social media can help you get a job, but it can just as easily hurt your prospects. Carefully look over all of your social media profiles and take down anything that compromises your professional image. The best policy is to make all but the most relevant information private.

Use Every Tool at Your Disposal

LinkedIn is the established social network for business, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect other social media sites. Facebook and Twitter are both great tools, and even Instagram and Pinterest have professional applications. The more places you are looking and connecting the more open jobs you’ll find.

Build Up Your Network

Finding a job though social media and mobile outlets requires a proactive approach. Once you’ve cleaned up your profiles and given them a professional edge, start reaching out to companies in your industry as well as industry insiders. Consuming their content and commenting on it helps get your name out there and establishes you as an industry authority. Many companies also post jobs to social media before other outlets.

Reach Out to Your Network

The best way to get hired for a job is to be referred by someone. Social media makes it easy to reach out to just about anyone and everyone you know. Make it known that you’re looking for a job, and an old friend or distant cousin might be able to make a connection for you that you would have missed otherwise.

Post Your Resume

All of your social media profiles should direct traffic towards your resume. If you are especially ambitious, you can revise your resume to be more social-media optimized by adding in infographics, videos, and links to any projects you have contributed to. The internet gives you lots of tools to highlight your professional experience, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your “resume.”

Start Using Apps

There are a number of mobile apps now available that give you simple and intuitive tools to help you search for a job. If you are getting tired of the major job boards, or simply want to take your job search with your everywhere, start seeking out these apps and exploring their unique features.

Finding a job these days requires you to combine classic strategies with new technologies. Get help with both sides of the equation by partnering with JH Technical Services.

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