Use Professional Organizations to Find Quality Candidates


If you’re struggling to find an adequate number of candidates, or candidates with the credentials that you require, it may be time to revise your recruitment strategy. Rather than taking a passive approach in which you post a job description and wait for candidates to come to you, why not be proactive and go out searching for candidates? It’s an effective strategy if you know where to look, and a great place to start is with professional organizations. Here’s why:

Recruit Passive Candidates

A lot of the best talent out there is not actively looking for a job. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be looking in five years, or couldn’t be lured away with the right offer. You can track these candidates down and begin forming relationships by working through professional organizations where they likely have memberships. Then, when they are ready to move, they come straight to your office instead of entering the open job market.

Find Specialized Talent

There are hundreds of professional organizations in the United States alone, and they range from very broad to very narrow disciplines. If you are looking for a recruit with a very specific skill set, identify the professional organization(s) where they are likely to be a member. The fact that they have earned membership and kept up with it tells you that they are likely very committed to their field and highly capable of filling your role.

Gain a Recruiting Resource

Professional organizations serve many purposes, but one of their primary ones is connecting members with job opportunities. For that reason, they are typically very amenable to working with recruiters and spreading the word about your recruitment initiatives. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that serves the interests of all involved without adding to your overall costs.

Join an Effective Network

As you begin developing relationships with professional organizations, the quality of the candidates that you connect with will steadily improve. That’s because these organizations are tight-knit communities with active communication networks. You might find an ideal candidate who is not interested in leaving their job. But that same candidate might know 5-10 other people in the organization that are interested in making a move, and put you in touch. This kind of employer networking helps you put together rich and deep talent pools the minute you have an open position.

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