Write Better Job Postings to Get More Candidates


When was the last time you read a job posting, besides your own? If you don’t read a lot of them regularly, you don’t realize how nonsensical and ineffective they often are. And you may not be able to recognize these same qualities in your own postings.

The simple fact is that the quality of your posting has a major impact on the quality of the candidate pool you assemble. And no matter how great a job you’re hiring for, if that’s not reflected in your job posting, you won’t find the best available talent. Use the tips below to start writing job postings that produce real results:

  • Proofread Carefully – An alarming number of job postings contain typos and awkward phrasing. That kind of sloppiness never inspires confidence in job seekers.
  • Be Clear and Direct – Many postings contain phrasing like “other duties as assigned.” Candidates will naturally be wary when they don’t know exactly what their job will be.
  • Include Compensation Information – Going to work is fundamentally about earning enough money to maintain your quality of life. If you are vague or evasive about compensation information, you will turn off a lot of candidates.
  • Update Your Postings – When you need to fill a vacancy, it’s tempting to simply recycle the posting you used last time; however, but this will not reflect the way the position has evolved or the current characteristics of your ideal candidate.
  • Show Off Your Values – The best talent have choices in the job market. Give them a sense of why your company is better to work for than the competition.
  • Focus on Skills – Many great candidates have impressive skills but a lack of professional experience reflecting those skills. Make your posting less about required experiences and more about desired skills, and you will get a more interesting candidate pool.
  • Make it Scannable – Active job seekers read dozens, even hundreds of posts a day. Make sure that yours can be scanned and that the core points are easy to pick out.
  • Write a Better Title – Lots of job titles as written are both boring and vague. Changing your title to something more descriptive and eye-catching will get your job posting a lot more views.
  • Rely on Your Network – Publish your job posting to any relevant job boards, but also pass it around to people you already work with. The best possible candidates often come as recommendations.

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