Want to Improve Results? Hire a Diverse Staff


As someone that makes hiring decisions, there is a natural tendency to go with what you know. You have seen what kind of candidates you’ve had success with in the past, and when it comes time to fill a vacancy, you seek out someone who fits that established mold. And while this isn’t necessarily a faulty strategy, you may be missing out on opportunities by not making diversity a bigger priority. Here’s why:

Bring New Ideas and Experience Into Your Fold

The reason you’ve fallen into a hiring pattern is because you’ve seen what’s worked in the past. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it will work in the future. By continually hiring candidates with the same skills, experiences, and demographics, you may have inadvertently dug yourself into a rut and put yourself at a competitive disadvantage. Hiring a diverse staff ensures that you are always bringing fresh ideas, evolving skills, and innovative approaches onto your team.

Fill Vacancies and Skills Gaps Faster

By relying on the same recruiting strategy over and over you have actually compromised your efforts. That’s because you will be reluctant to make a hiring decision until you find that one familiar candidate. That candidate might not be out there now, or anytime soon, and until they appear, you have to operate with a hole on your workforce and a skill missing from your capabilities. Broadening your hiring perspectives can help you close those weaknesses faster.

Challenge Your Existing Team Members

Your hiring strategy might not be the only thing that has fallen into a pattern. Teams that are made of identical types of professionals tend to produce short-term results but struggle over the long term because they have such similar outlooks and skill sets. Bringing in fresh blood can shake things up, spur on productivity, and lay the groundwork it takes to produce true innovation.

Improve Your Company Culture and Recruitment Strategy

A company’s culture is a reflection of its workforce. And companies that hire the same type of professional time in and time out earn a reputation for being single minded and resistant to change. By adding more diversity to your staff, you create a more dynamic company overall. And as that becomes apparent you will find it easier to recruit the kind of top talent you’re looking for.

Now that you understand the benefits of diversity in the workforce, it’s time to start connecting with those diverse candidates for Pittsburgh engineering jobs and more. Access a dynamic candidate pool and resources to help you shake up your recruitment strategy by contacting the staffing experts at JH Technical Services.

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