Show How Valuable You Will Be to the Company


What is the one thing that hiring managers are looking for in every candidate they hire? Professionals who can add value to the company. They don’t want to hire people who will give them the minimum effort and be content holding place. They want to hire people who will take what’s already there and make it even better. Use these tips to show hiring managers that you’re not just qualified, you’re valuable.

Show Don’t Tell

You can claim to have all kinds of valuable skills, but if you can’t demonstrate them, they’re not really helping your cause. For instance, it does you no good to mention on your resume that you have communication skills. Instead, make sure that all your application documents sparkle and that you deliver a stellar performance in the interview. You can’t just claim value, you have to prove it.

Use Examples

Much like the previous tip, you need to show potential employers that you have a history of adding value. How did you improve the companies you worked at previously? What anecdotes can you relate that show how valuable you have been historically? As much as possible, work hard numbers and real metrics into these anecdotes to provide empirical proof of your value.

Appeal to a Wide Audience

As you refine your resume, cover letter, and interview strategy, make sure you’re appealing to the widest audience possible. Not everyone evaluating you as a candidate is necessarily an expert on the job you’ll be doing. It may be clear to you that you can deliver value, but to the uninformed it could be less clear if you make heavy use of jargon, acronyms, and insider speak.

Be Honest Always

It can be tempting to inflate your credentials, round up the numbers, and put a positive sheen on your professional history. But lying is the fastest way to get turned down for a job, and you can bet that hiring managers are vetting your credentials carefully. There are ways you can make yourself look good without being dishonest.

Highlight Your Accolades

Create a new section on your resume where you describe any awards, honors, or special recognitions you have received. This provides clear proof that you have value that other candidates lack, and grouping these accolades together makes a powerful statement in your favor.

Finally, remember that you need to assert your value at every step in the hiring process. It starts when you first contact the company and it continues through the hiring and onboarding process. Don’t be cartoonish or overly aggressive about it, but make sure that your prospective/new employer firmly believes you’re a professional who can add value. That reputation will serve you well for as long as you work with the company. Learn about other effective job search strategies by partnering with JH Technical Services, one of the top Pittsburgh staffing agencies.

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