Invest in Your Top Employees and Let Them Flourish


It’s impossible to accurately measure the impact your top employees have on your company without the aid of time management apps. But it’s safe to say their value is probably underestimated, and their influence spreads wider than you expect. A single employee can be the engine that drives productivity, efficiency, innovation, morale, and culture. And losing that employee can prove catastrophic. For those reasons, you need to make retaining top talent a major priority. Here are a few methods that have proved effective.

Show Your Talent They’re an Asset

All employees want to feel respected by their employers and be acknowledged for their contributions. This is especially true for top talent who know how much value they add. Make sure they feel appreciated, and treat them like the asset they are. If you are debating a change in strategy or a revision to policy, solicit their feedback. Being treated as important helps top talent feel like an integral component.

Support Their Success

Companies often work against their own best interest by making it hard for employees to succeed. They put together confusing job descriptions, develop complex hierarchies, and make major changes without informing anyone. Top talent that is used to succeeding will be particularly insulted by these kinds of unnecessary roadblocks. Make sure you’re a facilitator, not an obstructor.

Provide Opportunities for Growth and Advancement

Your top talent got to be that way because they made professional development a priority. In all likelihood, they want to continue to grow. Be willing to invest time and money in their professional development, and be flexible if they need a little extra time away from work.  As they become even more valuable to your company, reward their commitment to excellence with promotions, raises, and special recognition.

Engage Their Curiosity

Exemplary performers won’t be content doing the same thing day in and day out. That kind of monotony grows old quickly, and it fails to take advantage of all their skills and abilities. You can keep your best employees engaged by assigning them to a wide variety of projects, letting them work in-between departments, and having them contribute to special initiatives. That keeps the talent happy and spreads their unique strengths throughout more of your company.

Remember that it’s a lot easier (and cheaper) to retain top talent than to recruit top talent. Companies are clamoring for professionals who can add real value, and when one enters your organization you need to work hard to keep them there. Learn more about both effective retention and recruiting by contacting JH Technical Services, one of the top staffing agencies in Pittsburgh.

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