What Resume Skills Will Help You Stand Out?


For any single vacancy, a hiring manager will usually receive hundreds of resumes. In order to work through that stack of paper, they will spend less than one minute scanning each one, and create a small pool of candidates who move on to the next round. That means you have a very short period of time to make a positive and resounding impression, and lot of competition to deal with, too. As you put together your next resume, highlight these skills to help you stand out from the pack.

  • Problem Solving – Setbacks are inevitable in business. Employers want to know that when things don’t go as planned, you have the intellect and character to find a solution.
  • Organization – This is about a lot more than having a tidy desk. Organization skills mean that you can juggle multiple projects, manage your time, prioritize your obligations, and effectively deal with complexity in any setting or format.
  • Leadership – No one wants to hire a candidate who can’t potentially move up to the next level. Highlight that you have what it takes to lead a team, and take on the responsibilities and challenges of being a manager.
  • Openness – Candidates who are open are willing to learn, accept feedback and direction, and make personal and professional development a priority. They are also humble, which is an important – but often undervalued – quality in a candidate.
  • Interpersonal – Getting along with the people you work with is essential. Don’t just highlight your affability, though. Show that you can be a motivator, act with empathy, provide constructive criticism, and accept responsibility.
  • Communication – Employers are desperate to find recruits who can read, write, and speak well, and communicate effectively in a wide variety of settings. Equally, they want to find recruits who can listen. Be sure to mention if you speak any foreign languages, as well.
  • Teamwork – Before you become a leader, you will need to be an effective part of a team. Show your potential employer that you are willing to accept a secondary role and take direction from others.
  • Ambition – When someone needs to take on extra work, stay late, or accept a high-stress assignment, are you willing to be the one that answers the call? Employers want to find recruits who are willing, even excited, to go above and beyond when asked.

Finally, remember that you can’t just tell a hiring manger you have these skills, you have to prove it. Rather than writing out a bland list of skills, show off experiences, accolades, and accomplishments that demonstrate those skills. Providing actual examples makes a much stronger statement. Discover other ways for improving your resume by working with JH Technical Services.

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