Improve Your Video Interviewing Skills


Thanks to advancements in technology, video interviewing is more feasible than it has ever been before. And as employers search for ways to make the recruiting process faster, easier, cheaper, and more effective, they are increasingly utilizing video interviews. For that reason, you need to be prepared to take part in one – no matter what kind of position you are seeking out. Use these tips to help you improve your skills.

  • Practice – Before the interview, take the time to learn the video conferencing software you will be using, and scrutinize your appearance on camera. Use the insights to help improve your wardrobe and background.
  • Make Eye Contact – In order to maintain eye contact with the interviewer, you will need to focus on the camera, not the screen.
  • Dress Correctly – In a video interview, it can be tempting to dress professionally on top and casually on the bottom. But you never know when you will be visible from the waist down for an unexpected reason. Don’t make yourself look silly unnecessarily.
  • Pick Your Setting – A video interview is not a time to show off your decorating sense. Pick a location that is muted – a blank white background is best – and well lit. You don’t want odd shadows to make you look bad on camera.
  • Be Concise – In a video interview, like in all interviews, you will not want your answers to ramble on endlessly. Supply the necessary amount of detail in as brief a duration as possible.
  • Avoid Jargon – The person interviewing you is likely an HR professional, not an expert in your field. For that reason you should avoid jargon, acronyms, and insider speak. If you think confusion might be an issue, don’t hesitate to clarify or explain as necessary.
  • Perfect Your Body Language – Just because you are not in the same room with your interviewer doesn’t mean your body language is unreadable. Act as you would in a face-to face interview. Smile, sit up strait, don’t fidget, and keep your hands in your lap.
  • Be Prepared – Some video interviews will also require you to complete a test, lead a slide show, analyze a document, or otherwise demonstrate your aptitude. Make sure you’re prepared to do more than just answer questions.

Above all else, treat your video interview the way you would treat any interview. Your goal is to look  professional, qualified, personable, and perceptive. No matter what kind of interview setting you are preparing for, rely on resources from JH Technical Services to help you make the best impression possible to find jobs in Pittsburgh and more.


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    Sheena Christensen
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