There is no “right way” to write a resume. Since you are unique so is your resume.  Make sure your resume is a reflection of what you bring to the position. If you cannot do that on your own, seek help of a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

Use your resume to obtain an interview, not to get the job. Be clear and concise but there is no need to go into detail for every accomplishment.  That is what the interview is for.  Instead use bulleted sentences, which are easier to scan and absorb the information.

Information to include depends upon you, but be sure to have a clear objective and structure the content around it. Most common sections are Objective, Experience, Education, Skills, Honors and Awards.

Use action verbs to describe and numbers to showcase your accomplishments.

Proofread your resume for formatting errors (font and size), typos, and spelling errors. It is always a good idea to have someone else proofread it as well.

Make sure you have a professional looking email address to show you take the job search seriously. Refrain from random, cute, offensive or shared email accounts.

You only have one chance to make a first impression, your resume may be the first impression an employer gets of you

No matter what kind of career you are preparing for, rely on resources from JH Technical Services to help you make the best impression possible to find jobs in Pittsburgh and more.

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