Tips for Successful Recruiting Strategies


Recruiting candidates changes widely from one open position to the next. Sometimes a position needs to be filled fast, and candidate qualifications are flexible. Sometimes only one qualification matters, and the identification of a candidate with this unique skill set can be considered a home run, even if the process takes six months. Sometimes strong recruiting requires a sharp eye for red flags, sometimes it takes a wide network, and sometimes it takes the ability to pitch a company and position to a star candidate buried in competing options. And of course, sometimes excellent recruiting requires all of these things and more. Here are a few recruiting tips that help you leverage your advantages and overcome the obstacles that stand between you and the candidates you need.

1. Set clear goals.

Before you set off on a sourcing mission, make sure the requirements of the position are crystal clear. Maintain open communication channels with the client if you’re an outside contractor, and if you’re recruiting in-house, stay in touch with HR, the position manager, the department head, and even the financial pros who set the budget for this specific salary. Know what you want—and what you can afford—before you start looking.

2. Lean hard on your network

Don’t leave any stone unturned, and don’t leave any option unexplored. You may start by running a keyword search through your current resume database, but don’t stop there. Attend networking and industry events, visit job fairs, and collect resumes from any likely candidate through any available source.

3. Don’t waste time.

If excellent, top tier candidates have special requirements (like salary adjustments, moving allowances, or the ability to work remotely) then ask questions to get a clear picture of what they are seeking prior to an offer. But if a candidate is a marginal match and comes with a list of deal breakers, just move on.  The right match is out there, and the longer you wait to find them, the more likely they are to land another position first.

4. Most important, when you find your star, move fast.

Don’t lose your top choice to a competing offer after you’ve made up your mind. Put the wheels in motion, cut through the red tape, and get the offer in to their hands before they are lured away.  During the entire process, treat the candidate with respect and keep them updated whenever your timeline changes.

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