Areas of Specialization

  • Engineering (Engineers, Designers and Drafters)
  • Architecture
  • Information Technology
  • Construction
  • Energy (Oil and Gas)
  • Manufacturing (Skilled Trade, Technicians, Field Service and Light Industrial)
  • Professional Office (Executive Level, Accountants, Purchasers, Supply Chain, Sales, Human Resources, etc.)
  • Administrative

Our Services


Flexible solutions for short-term and project-based needs. Contractors work on-site, but all payroll, taxes, and benefits are handled by the JH Technical Services, Inc./JH Staffing Services team. Control overhead, access specialized expertise and meet critical deadlines with qualified professionals who step in and contribute immediately.


Evaluate an employee’s performance and fit during a predetermined contract period as a JH employee, before making a commitment to hire. If your work load diminishes during this time, you may end the assignment at any time.

Direct Placement

We recruit, prescreen and assess candidates on your behalf, presenting only individuals who are right for your position and organization. Lower your time and cost to recruit – even for hard-to-fill roles – while making more successful hires, guaranteed.


Transfer employees you recruit to our payroll. We handle time card management, payroll administration, taxes, reporting and workers’ compensation for you. Control costs, expedite onboarding, reduce administrative hassles and operate more efficiently.